Black Town

2005 / 91 mins / Horrorshow / Pod Film / Madman Entertainment / NTFO

Synopsis - Love can be difficult at the best of times. BLACKTOWN is a disarmingly honest tale of love-against-the-odds. Niki, an office worker has the worst luck with men. When a date turns sour an Aboriginal bus driver called Tony rescues her from being dragged into a car, but then insists on walking her home. From these tense beginnings we then follow a tentative romance between two lost souls searching for a way through life's emotional confusion. 

Director / Screenwriter / Producer - Kriv Stenders

Starring - Tony Ryan & Niki Owen


Audience Award - 2005 Sydney International Film FestivalOfficial Selection
London / Australian Film Festival 2005
Moscow / Australian Film Festival 2005
Toronto / Australian Film Festival 2005
Flanders International Film Festival 2005
Melbourne International Film Festival 2005
Sydney International Film Festival 2005
Brisbane International Film Festival 2005
Canberra International Film Festival 2005
Perth / Revelations Film Festival 2006


2005 Gelnfiddich Independent Spirit IF Award
FIPRESCI Award / Brisbane Film festival